Although I have no dance or fitness career background I have always had a passion

 for all types of music and Dance.   From Latin American to pop and salsa once you hear the drums, the bass and the hip shaking music you just can not stop.
Since finding Zumba I have found a new fun way to enjoy the music and to dance.
That is why I chose to teach Zumba & to spread the news about a great way to have

fun and get fit without even knowing it.

Zumba to me is like a good night out spent on the dance floor amongst friends.
So why not join the Zumba party with us.



 I've been teaching fitness, dance & Pilates classes in & around Edinburgh since 1995.


The main principal in ALL the classes I teach, is to make the class as much fun as possible.

After years of teaching classes where you have to focus on technique & getting the participant to pick up complex choreography, Zumba is a breath of fresh air!

The emphasis in each class is to have FUN!


 In a Zumba class there is a PARTY atmosphere. As David has said above, “it’s like a night out dancing with your friends”.

 There is no pressure to do the right moves, if you can’t ‘get’ a move…..

Just do your own thing.

The most important thing with Zumba is to keep moving & have FUN!!!

 With music ranging from Latin America to International pop, Belly dancing to

Bollywood, just move your arms, hips & feet to the music.

Burn those calories away without even realising it!


So why not come along &join the PARTY that is ZUMBA!










Zumba Edinburgh © THE ZUMBA BOYS 2010